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Winning Horse

Winning Horse

Both friends were so excited to see the challenge and the horse race they agreed to bet on which horse will win.  1 friend bet on the white majestic horse, other on the black stallion. The bet was not small bet. It was equal to 2 months’ payment of their hard work in the village.
The race started with excitement and the Black stallion win the race. After the end of the movie, one friend, deeply burdened with the loss of bet and loss of 2 months’ salary, pull the money out, have his dear friend count it and carefully put into his pocket.

So the looser friend asked what hunch/instinct/intelligence his friend have to predict that the black horse will win. The winner friend while enjoying a side street café dish, answered, “This has been really interesting, exciting and insightful” Having watch this movie for the last 9 times and every 9 times, the black horse always win, he has a hunch/instinct that this time the black horse will win”  Wish joyful surprise, the black horse win this time! Who Knew!

The reverse side of this story is Muslims - Without having a practical, sustainable next generation secure infrastructure on which to enable best practice based efficient, resilient and integrated programs and solutions for our families and businesses, we are surely going to lose every single time.

And still We won’t even consider Muslim Secure Cloud Infrastructure and capabilities, let alone have a discussion and effort to build a secure cloud Muslim Families and business infrastructure. And then we as families, professionals and businesses bet to work hard for success.

Future successes belongs to those who build its secure cloud infrastructure and practical solutions that enables our success while minimizing noise and optimizing limited resources.

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