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Muslim Civic Engagement

Rimici “ONE Source” Introduces the First Muslim Community

Civic Engagement Program and Get Out To Vote (G.O.T.V)

Rimici “ONE Source” is thankful to Allah Subhan O Ta’Ala for the introduction of the first Muslim Community Civic Engagement Program and Get Out To Vote (G.O.T.V) System

The Civic Engagement has direct integration with the U.S. Senate and U.S. Congress enabling Muslim organizations, individuals and civic groups participate in the civic debate, policy discourse and active participation.

The solution has unique capability to enable U.S & Canada wide including global level of Muslim communication and Get Out To Vote.

The Muslim Political System & GOTV has sophisticated capabilities and resources including:

  1. Civic & Policy networking and collaboration for Muslim Families and individuals
  2. Discussion forum, Idea Sharing and Survey along with Social Media integration
  3. Blogging and newspaper
  4. Membership, Volunteering drive
  5. Fund Raising & Donation capability for Civic causes and candidates
  6. Events Management & Get out to Vote Drive for Civic causes and candidates
  7. Campaigns & newsletters
  8. Principle based solution oriented communication
  9. Highly secure and encryption based system
  10. Online conference and meeting capabilities
  11. S wide Muslim National Lawyers Program
  12. Multimedia library
  13. A sophisticated driver for Civic, economic and policy engagement platform for the community
  14. Community leadership and Governance Program, policy, processes and strategy development
  15. Community organization’s introduction, awareness, events & engagement drive


Rimici “ONE Source” is an independent and unaffiliated platform for Muslim Community Civic engagement built upon validated data analysis, policy and political risk management and decision making.  


Hence we are opening a dialogue and idea sharing session to clarify and agree on the legal, governance, operational and funding for this capability or the Muslim Community.


For discussion, demo and program approach please Contac t US



Syed Rizwan Ashraf

CEO, Rimici “ONE Source” Inc.



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