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Muslim Chamber of Economy

Muslim Chamber of Economy

Rimici “ONE Source”

Muslim Chamber of Economy Program


Future of Muslim Businesses belongs to those who build its secure cloud infrastructure and sustainable economic and business solutions.
Muslim Businesses are enabled in our Muslim Chamber of Economy program to enable and drive Social initiatives helping families, individuals and our environment.

Rimici “ONE Source” is a secure Cloud infrastructure (based on ISO27002 International Security Framework) for the Muslim Community enabling solutions for families, individuals and businesses.

The Muslim Chamber of Economy (MCE) DNA and core principles are ethical conduct, transparency, accountability and auditability. The MCE board sponsors, advocate, communicate and strive for MCE programs adaptation in our society. The MCE board has a risk based decision making process and reporting ensuring that Board actions, leadership direction and decision making is based on sound risk based business and financial decisions striving for transparency, accountability and audit.

A highly sophisticated, next generation, mobile responsive and attractive easy to use E-Commerce system is critical for the financial success of Muslim Community and families.  

Rimici “ONE Source” is thankful to Allah Subhan O Taala for the blessing to launch the Muslim Chamber of Economy Program. The Muslim Chamber of Economy Program enables businesses to start or improve their business with layers of excellent resources for their success. Rimici “ONE Source” provides following key capabilities under this program which includes:

  1. Secure & Professional Web Site Hosting (CPanel)
  2. Online Store and products setup and readiness
  3. Muslim Yellow Pages for your business advertisement
  4. Business and social networking for Sales leads & Marketing
  5. Online Business Events setup
  6. Social Advertisement Services
  7. Marketing Newsletter
  8. Online business networking and support
  9. Specialized web 2.0 based business solutions such as, Restaurant System, Online Stores system, hotel management, real estate, medical clinics and hospitals and many other business specific solutions.
  10. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  11. Secure configuration of the website and solutions
  12. Dedicated Full time IT staff from Rimici “ONE Source” to provide support and maintenance of the business websites
  13. Business Forum & Idea sharing
  14. Questions & Answer capability for professional support
  15. Ability for direct link to broader online Muslim Community & General consumers
  16. Business crowd fund raising & investment capability
  17. Women & small Business volunteering internship program to help each other.
  18. Managed by Security professional from Silicon Valley, California
  19. Social Media Integration with Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and More!!


  1. ISO27002 & ISO27001 compliant Secure Cloud infrastructure, processes with clearly defined roles & responsibilities including secure architecture design, monitoring, vulnerability management and risk management
  2. PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliant with enterprise wide Public Key Infrastructure for Secure transaction and communication.
  3. EBay style online auction capability where community businesses can open online store and manage their products, sales, coupons and much more! This is advanced next generation online store with over 300 specialized features that have been carefully developed to assist business owners in increasing sales with virtually little effort
  4. State wide Promotion discount, coupons and sales system to promote your business products and increase sales
  5. State wide Business Ads program enabling business ads to run in local Masajid websites, Muslim events, Family Social and Professional networking websites and much more. Ads Program also enables our businesses to list their business in Muslim Yellow Pages
  6. Marketing Newsletter campaign capability
  7. Ability to post projects, jobs and sales in our classified Ads and Jobs system
  8. Security and Privacy technical and process audited E-Commerce Program
  9. Designed and managed by top quality security professionals from Silicon Valley with experiences from companies like Kaiser Permanente, Cisco Systems, VMware, Wells Faro, Palo Alto Networks, Workday and more!.
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