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My Beloved Father’s Lesson Of Life

My Beloved Father’s Lesson Of Life

For me stories were real. I indulge into them. I still to this day enjoy reading and listen to the stories. However, one story that my father will tell few times and I would neither like nor connect with it. Only thing is that being it a story, I will still stay quiet and try to go through the time to get the story completed. And I did not tell you the environment of this story. My father has 2 full time jobs to support our family. And I vividly remember how much incredibly tired he will get after the 2nd job and all he could is to have dinner and try to go to sleep. And here I was strongly committed to listen to a story from my father.

So here is the story for us all.
In a small city, there was a merchant who has a senior accountant working for him. The merchant has other staff members also to attend to customers and do marketing, distribution etc. The merchant has 1 son whom he loved and care very deeply. The son was carefree soul and not much sense of world or the responsibilities.

So one day the merchant tell the son to come to his business store for an important task. When the son reached the store, father greeted the son. Father informed son that his beloved relatives are coming to see him on a train. Father told the son to go to the train station which was just an hour commute from the store. Father instructed son to get information about the arrival information of their relative.

Son went to the train station which took 1 hour. Then came back to the store which took 1 hour. When father inquired if he got the info. the son replied that he got the confirmation that his uncle and aunt are on the train.
So father inquired what is the train number so he can later sent the servant to pick up the relatives. Son reply was I did not inquire about the train number, only that relatives are on the train. Hence son went back taking another 1 hour to go to the train station and another hour to come back.

Son told the merchant that its train number 615. Father asked what time the train 615 is coming to the destination station so they can pick up the relatives.  Son told the father that he did not ask and hence went back to the train station taking 1 hour to go and another 1 hour to come back to the store. He then informed the merchant that train will be 2 hours late of scheduled time hence will be reaching at 5pm.

Father then ask the son which platform the train will arrive at 6pm. Son said he did not inquire hence went back to the train station taking 1 hour to go there and another 1 hour to come back. Son then informed the merchant that train 615 will be on platform #9. Merchant then asked son how much luggage to arrange for proper transportation to home.
Son did not have this information. At this point the merchant asked the son to stay at the store due to significant travel and exhaustion in the heat.Merchant then send his senior accountant to go to the train station and get the information.

The accountant came back after 2 hours and reported to the merchant, “The train 615 has left the Multan City at 12 noon and will be reaching Lahore train station at 5pm. The train is scheduled on platform #9. There are 2 elder relatives with 2 children and 4 luggage in train compartment # 5.

The Accountant provided the name, age and number of luggage to the train station master to arrange for guest area. And negotiated cost of renting a station wagon and 2 servants to help put the luggage in the station wagon. They will bring the relatives to the store first and then to the merchant’s home.

The lesson my father taught me is instead of rushing and forcing to do one thing and not without seeing the sequence and logical steps takes/wastes so much mental effort/noise, physical energy, valuable time and resources only to get 1 activity/information.

My beloved father even in very tiring state and deep need to get rest and good sleep, loved me more and wanted me to take a step back and see the full picture. Just like that accountant to get most information in a patient, thoughtful and caring manner. Then complete the whole solution.

Rimici “ONE Source” is the result of my father’s lesson to me and in turn a caring blessing for Muslim Families, Young Muslims and businesses and of course public at large whoever chooses to acquire wisdom, goodness and a great smile!

Rimici “ONE Source” Family Governance Programs are practical solutions. They are designed as governance programs enabling end to end activities, communication, tools, resources with clearly defined roles and responsibilities towards enabling and sustaining good quality solutions for our families and businesses.

Rimici “ONE Source” Family Governance Framework strive in removing noise and confusion by enabling best practices based processes for our programs and solutions.

And did I forgot to mention, my father’s profession was accounting. He was a senior accountant in a bank.
Please pray for my parents with love, with kindness and with great thanks to Allah for helping us having good parents.


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