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RIMICI “ONESOURCE” | First Online Muslim Family Connect! 

  • Resumption of Muslim Civic solutions (Rimici) “ONE Source” secure cloud Infrastructure based Islamic environment for Muslim Families and businesses providing real life solutions towards making the journey of life safe, fun and connected with larger Muslim community members and families.
  • Enabling Muslim Society and Muslim Family based clean, safe and respected environment for our families and Teenagers.
  • Rimici “ONE Source” is providing and sustaining real life civic solutions and Get Out to Vote capability, focusing on ethical, professional and Islamic values based Civic Policy engagement and active participation.
  • Rimici “ONE Source” has online Muslim E-Conomy enabling Muslim Chamber of Commerce, Women Business Program, Small Business Program, Crowd Funding, Viral Marketing and Halal Micro-Financing and Banking


Governance Leadership

  •   Programs

  •   Process

  •   Communication

  •   Engagement

  •   Value Delivery & Sustainment

  •   Quality Improvement


  • Rimici Online Muslim Family & Business Connect
  • Teens Internship and professional development
  • Jobs & Freelancing Program
  • Muslim Marriage Program
  • Online Stores Program, business promotion & Halal Micro-financing
  • Zakaat Charity & Program
  • Muslim Events & online booking
  • Imams program including online Hifz Quran
  • Civic engagement and Get Out To Vote (GOTV)
  • Islamic Multimedia Library for Muslim Families
  • Crowd funding and Families Support Program
  • Muslim Volunteering Program



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