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Vision & Values

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Rahim, The intent and vision of Rimici "ONE Source" is to enable a secure cloud based Muslim Family environment and real life solutions, making the journey of life, safe, clean, fun, and connected for our families and individual members. 

Muslim family programs and real life solutions is made possible by creating, building and enabling and solutions based on Rimici "ONE Source" secure cloud data center and infrastructure. 

Rimici "ONE Source" Muslim Governance Framework and programs are built with one vision and intent. That is the Message, guidance and requirements of Allah Subhan "O" Ta'ala is complete and final through the truth and guidance of Holy Quran. 

And the implementation, structure, example, clarity and manifestation of the final truth is implemented through the life, Sunnah and Hadith of Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him and following the best examples and lives of the beloved Suhaba and Suhabeen. This is completed and best guidance from Allah for all times and life stages/situations we live in this world. 

The very nature of Deen –e Islam is that Allah has revealed it in clarity, completeness and underlying simplicity where nothing must be touched, discussed or changed. 

Hence Rimici "ONE Source" has enabled the Muslim Family solutions with the intent to enable the Islamic environment that provides clarity, consistency and usefulness of our connection and real life solutions for our members.

 Rimici "ONE Source" Vision and Values are clear, clean and direct. It is to submit completely to the Message and guidance of Islam. Follow and Adhere to the life, Manners and Sunnah, Hadith of Prophet Mohammad Peace be Upon Him and find light and confidence through the interactions, lives and communication of beloved Suhaba, Sahebeen and Salaheens.ere ...

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