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Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Rahim,

We are the builders and architects of 21st century Muslim Family infrastructure, platform, programs through privacy, security and members risk management while enabling solutions for success and quality services.

Through Rimici "ONE Source" Muslim Family Secure Cloud data center and storage architecture we have enabled real life solutions for Muslim families in an integrated and connected manner that conforms to Islamic values and environment.

As architect, builders and custodian of Rimici "ONE Source", we successfully minimize noise while avoided wasting our time, thinking, efforts and resources towards Muslim leadership tone, politics, speeches on Islamic knowledge and manners, events etc.

As builders of Rimici "ONE Source' our tone and language is of silence with zikr of Allah and prayers for His mercy and help build and operate secure cloud data center, infrastructure, storage and family programs while managing risks for our families and members.

With Allah's mercy and help, Rimici "ONE Source" is the builder and custodian of:
  • Secure Cloud Data Center for Muslim Families and businesses
  • Privacy and Security based cloud architecture design and implementation
  • ISO 27002 based Security domains and controls for Cloud security controls
  • ISO27001 based Information Security Management System (ISMS) focusing to protect the confidential and privacy information of Muslim Families, individuals and businesses.
  • Evidence based auditability of Privacy and security controls to meet HIPAA, PCI, GLBA and SOX requirements
  • Dedicated and live Cloud Security Operations Center with real time security monitoring, intrusion prevention, incident handling and management and much more!!
  • Databases are encrypted along with SSL encryption based sessions/transmission of data.
  • Secure Cloud Storage architecture, operations and availability
  • Muslim Family Governance Framework
  • Muslim Family Governance Domains namely, " Civic Engagement, Muslim Family Programs, Muslim E-conomy and Islamic Resources
  • Cloud best practice based ITIL processes for software development, software operations, service support and SLAs
  • Risk Framework, Risk Management, risk assessment, risk remediation, validation and reporting
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