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Rimici “ONE Source” Muslim Family Governance Operations Success Roadmap




Introduction & Awareness Phase

Adaptation Phase

Rimici “ONE Source” Governance Operations Engine and

Powerful Benefits for Families and Social Initiatives

Zikr, Remembrance and Fear of Allah

State based Family Programs enabled

and functional


Allah’s mercy to make Rimici Family

Governance Source of Mercy, love and

kindness from Allah

Volunteer Management Program and

processes in place for Family Programs


Rimci “ONE Source” Marketing

Board of Members structure and

responsibilities defined


Family Programs Newsletters

Board of Members selection complete

with performance metric


Family meetings & Introductions

Governance Ethics, Compliance and

Audit reporting

Rimici’s Founder’s ethics and financial

audit reporting requirements in place



Vision, Values and Roadmap

Vision, Values and Roadmap Family Friends on-boarding


Family Programs introduction Events

Business members on-boarding


Family Programs Membership Drive

Muslim E-Conomy capabilities clearly

defined and roadmap complete




Muslim Micro-Financing and Banking

System initiated



Muslim Civic Engagement initiate



Rimici Organization setup in States



Socio Business Program for Afghan



Socio Business Program for Bangladesh



Socio Business Program for Iran



Socio Business Program for Middle East

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